About Rick Alford

Rick Alford


Rick Alford is the Director of Retirement Solutions, a team of dedicated professionals whose goal is to assist people who are either preparing for retirement or already retired. The team consists of an Annuity Specialist, Insurance Specialist, Estate Attorney, Tax Attorney, CPA, Registered Investment Advisors, and of course all the dedicated support staff.  We want to insure that our clients are well informed about all their options.

Rick Alford is the well-known in the retirement planning field.

With 18 years’ experience and having helped over six thousand clients, Rick has developed a reputation as a professional authority in retirement planning, wealth preservation and helping retirees with the many issues they face during retirement. Through proper planning techniques, Rick’s clients have been able to enjoy retirement knowing that their hard earned assets are well protected against many life changing events that may otherwise have created financial hardships. Rick has kept aware of the ever changing laws that can affect retirees, and continues to tailor financial and asset protection plans that best suit the individual needs of each of his clients.

Rick is also the Regional Director for the American College Foundation and works closely with College Funding Solutions to assist families with funding and the task of preparing their high school students for college.

Rick and his wife Jill live in Frisco, Texas. They have five grown children and eight grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and playing golf.

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